How to Add Client Value Through Charitable Giving Advice

An introductory course for financial advisers

According to recent research, £5.5 trillion will pass between generations within the next 30 years. The primary beneficiaries of this inheritance will be the millennial generation and women of all ages.

These two groups of people view wealth differently from today’s typical investor. Women are more likely than men to prioritise charitable giving in their financial plans, and see wealth as a means to act on their wider values. Similarly, millennials have been the driving force behind socially responsible investing and increasingly support charities that take on the entrenched problems of society.

Financial advisers can better serve these groups of current and potential clients by deepening their understanding of charitable giving and how it can fit into a values-based financial management plan. This course shows you how.

Upon completing this course, you'll:

  1. Understand the business value of offering charitable giving advice alongside your financial services, particularly for women and millennial clients
  2. Be able to articulate the tax benefits of charitable giving for HNW clients
  3. Be able to identify the primary vehicles for charitable giving and match them to the appropriate clients
  4. Be able to fit charitable giving into the broader continuum of values-driven money management
  5. Have the tools you need to start and continue the conversation about charitable giving with your clients, building your relationship with them for the long-term
  6. Receive two downloadable bonus resources just for participants of this course

Your Instructor

Lauren Janus
Lauren Janus

I’m Lauren, a native of the charitable giving sector with a passion for helping donors get the most joy out of their giving.

I’ve spent more than 15 years wearing all manner of hats in the charitable sector, both in the US and in the UK. A few years ago, I jumped to the for-profit side and got an MBA so I could better understand the business side of social change.

Today, I combine my deep understanding of the third sector with my knowledge of business principles to give donors the information they need to become empowered philanthropic givers.

I specialise in working with professional advisers who want to offer bespoke philanthropic advisory services to valuable clients with an interest in charitable giving or legacy planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thoughtful Philanthropy?
Thoughtful Philanthropy is a philanthropic adviser service. Lauren--who is your course presenter--partners with professional advisers so that they can support the charitable giving interests of their clients. In practice, this usually means that a professional adviser will approach Thoughtful Philanthropy when they have a client interested in giving more intentionally to an issue close to their hearts. Sometimes that issue is early childhood education in Africa, sometimes it's homelessness on the streets of London. As an independent researcher, Lauren creates a report that outlines the issue and the major approaches charities are taking in addressing it. She then highlights some opportunities for your client to support specific charities that align most closely with their interests. The report is delivered back to you to discuss with your client, helping you better serve the needs of your client overall.
Is this course just for financial advisers who work with High Net Worth (HNW) clients?
No, it's not! Certainly HNW clients are more likely to donate larger amounts to charity. But individuals and couples at all asset levels can and do give to charity, and anyone can care passionately about an issue or cause. By taking this course, you'll learn how to talk to your clients about their values and how reflecting those values in their financial plans can bring your clients more joy and fulfillment, no matter if they end up giving away £100 or £1 million.
How do I get my CPD credit?
Once you complete the short quizzes and all of the course lectures, you'll be able to download a personalised certificate of completion, which can be presented to the CISI for one hour of structured CPD credit.
I have some questions about charitable giving as it relates to a client. Can I contact Thoughtful Philanthropy with some general questions?
Absolutely. Get in touch anytime by emailing: [email protected].

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